Video Design Guide

This is the official guide to understand how video design is sold on and how
to prepare the files to ensure maximum quality.


Youproof sells video designs in video libraries.
Each library can contain minimum 4 HD (or 720p) videofiles no longer than 1min.
There’s no maximum number of files that can be contained in the library.
We have 8 preview slots on our site, if a library can contains more files, previews will be
displayed bundled in the 8 slots.
We do recommend maximum 8 files, 30sec, seamless loop.
Alternative or in conjuction with the video designs, the Artist can also provide and sell
an original project (AfterEffect or Cinema4D), that can be used and re-arranged by the
customer. (Costumer always LOVE to have a project to work with)
***Library price is set to €29,99, always.***
So it depends on you how much you want to offer for that price.


When creating videdesigns please keep in mind what kind of designs are allready online
on Youproof.
Keep also in mind that you’re creating files that are meant to be re-used in various ways,
not only in new video designs, but also as vj footage, so seamless loop are always better.
Keep things simple


The Artist should provide the videofiles (according to the codec informations below),
with a text file that contain the name of the library, a brief description and, if first time
submitting, a brief description of the author plus a Hi-Res Jpg we can use as Image in your
public profile.


We publish/sell files in this way:
A. No alpha Channel: format: mov codec:
Photojpg Frame Rate: 25 or 30fps Resolution:1280×720 or 1920×1080
B. With Alpha Channel: Format: mov codec:
PNG with alpha channel Frame Rate: 25 or 30fps Resolution:1280×720 or 1920×1080
C. Projects: AE CS5 or CS5.5 or CS6 or CC
Cinema4D r11 or r12 or r13
We’ll do all the conversion for you so here’s a list of codec we can handle:
Animation, Photojpg, Png, ImageSequence (Jpg, png, tiff, tga), ProRes.
Please do not send us files in H264 or Mpeg, unless strictly necessary, you’ll risk to loss

If still a little confused or have questions you can always ask us