Frequently Asked Questions

What is YouProof?

We are a videodesign marketplace. Authors and Users can sell, buy or simply share their designs, templates and presets.

Why YouProof?

Because its a simple, fast and professional way to enrich your motiongraphics and vjsets.

Why should I became user?

If you’re interested in motiongraphics, if you want to be part of our network, buy, sell or just download all the freebies on Youproof, you should definitively, take 2 minutes to register.

What software to I need to work with your projects?

To customize our After Effects templates, you need Adobe After Effects CS5.5 or newer.  To customize our Cinema 4D templates, you need Maxon Cinema 4D R11 or newer. Our videodesigns will work with any of your editing or vj software.

If you encounter any problems with the files or are missing codecs just email us at We’ll be happy to help you out.

Are the Videodesigns and templates royalty free?

Yes, all of them! they are yours to keep and use in whatever you want and however you want. Just don’t re-sell them. That would be bad. Very bad… To make point out our policy please read the Licences page.

What if I don’t know After Effects and VJSoftware?

LEARN! Just kidding. We would love to add your content for you. Just email us the name of the template you would like to use, and we will hit you back with a quote.

How can I become an author?

Write an email with a link to your library idea and designs, our designers will examine everything and evt. Send you the contract.

Can I upload my content by myself?

Nope. We want to control the files! Verified that there’re no bugs or errors we do all the downscaling, converting, thumbs etc… Just send the HiRes files and relax within a couple of days your library will be online, ready to download.

How do I cancel my membership?

Write an email, tells us why you want to cancel, and sure we will.  Here

My download doesn’t start!

Control that you haven’t firewalls blocking Youproof, refresh the page or login again and try. If that doesnt works for you just write to our support team, and we’ll figure out whats happening.