About Us

What it’s all about

Youproof is an online video design marketplace, with a strong focus on design and motion sperimentation.
You can sell, buy, share your designs or just look for inspirations.
Youproof is not a motion and footage stock website, we believe in the promotion of knowledge, instruments and products that can raise your skills level and help you to make cooler and better designs.
Youproof is usefull for motion designers, vjs and communication agencies, creating video content for various projects, from vjsets or live events to motiongraphics.

YP is place where authors are customers and customers are authors.

Who we are

Youproof was created by Mikkel G.Martinsen and Christoph Grigoletti.

Youproof is the result of many years of research and content development for professional and personal projects.

Youproof is now a brand proudly managed by Roof videodesign.

Library definition

Library is a collection of video files and/or project file with a common graphic style or tecnique.
Each library can contain from 4 HD video files and up, with no maximum, or an open AfterEffects or Cinema4d project.
The price for a library is fixed in €29,90, always. Of course there’re many sales and free opportunities.


Youproof video libraries are fully licensed. This means you can use the video files
for whatever you want, no matter whether they’re personal or professional projects.
You are always free to re-edit, remix or re-arrange video files to fit your project.
When you’re using videofiles from Youproof you automatically allowing us to use your work for Youproof promotion. Of course we’ll mention you in the credits.


Youproof promote knowledge, instruments and products to create and increase your motion and video design creations.
Youproof encourage also sharing and free circulation of ideas, theories, skills and tecniques.
Therefor on Youproof you’ll find a “resources” section where we post usefull links, tips and tutorials, among your creations using Youproof video or project files.


Youproof is an open market. But to keep it clean, cool and up to date, we always want to look at the designs before publishing. You can became designer by presenting your library idea to our staff and, if its worth, we’ll setup everything for you (personal author page, file compressions, uploads etc).


We’ll love to hear from you.
For any enquiries, suggestions, design proposal, support etc. you can contact us at: staff@youproof.net .